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Here at Quality Auto Sales, we are happy to give to you a truly Unique and Refreshing car buying experience! Years ago, when my wife and I were shopping for our personal cars, we were not impressed with the way most Auto Dealerships were run. We were determined to create our own dealership someday that would be more friendly, have more respect for the customer, and actually make buying a car fun! I think we have done just that. We have No Actual Salespeople, which means true NO PRESSURE SALES! Any interaction you have with us is going to be through myself or my wife, Candi. There is always someone here to assist you, not harass you! Our Cars Sell Themselves! We are a relatively small Owner-Operated Pre-Owned Auto Dealership, which gives us many advantages over the typical Dealerships.

We hand pick from thousands of cars each week the few that we want. We do not have the largest selection of vehicles, but each one we have is Great. We pride ourselves on Extra Clean and Thoroughly Inspected Pre-Owned Vehicles. We do not sell any Branded Vehicles such as; Former Salvage Vehicles, Frame/Unibody Damaged Vehicles, Flood/Hail Damaged Vehicles, Odometer Discrepancy Vehicles, etc. We can afford to spend the time on each vehicle to ensure you are purchasing a quality vehicle.

Each vehicle here has been Very Well Inspected! Each one has gone through an extensive process and has been reconditioned for sale. This means that there are no problems with obvious things such as the engine, transmission, or suspension, but also, no issues with Check Engine or other diagnostic lights. Additionally, we replace tires and brakes if they have under 50% remaining life left, make sure all power accessories work correctly, fix any leaks the vehicle has, and even give each and every car we sell a fresh oil change among other things. Very few vehicles for sale out there are reconditioned to this level. In addition, we personally drive each car we sell one hundred miles or more so you can be assured that there will be no surprises for you down the road. This also means that when you deal with us, you will be talking directly to someone who has personally driven and inspected the vehicle you are looking at. We know our cars, and stand behind them. This is something you will not find just anywhere!

Another huge advantage that we have is price. We have virtually no overhead! This means we can keep prices Low! We do not charge “service fees” like most dealers do at the time of sale. There are no surprises before, during, or after the sale! Before any purchase, we make sure you are happy with everything. If you want to get the vehicle privately inspected at another shop, we are ok with that and understand. If you need time to think over a purchase for a day or two, or even need time to shop around, that’s fine, we want you to make a decision that you are comfortable with. We have confidence and find that most people will and do come back to us! This is a Win-Win situation for both you and us. You get a fantastic new vehicle at a great price, and we get a happy customer that will tell their friends and family where to get their next car, truck, or SUV! We pride ourselves on the many great relationships we have developed with our customers. We do very little advertising, because we don’t need to! Our customers are our best Advertising!

Thank You Again to all our Customers we’ve acquired through the Years!

Tim & Candi


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